Now that medical tourism is on the rise, and a lot of Asian countries are offering cosmetic surgery at a lower price, some Australians can’t resist the temptation of getting their beauty enhancements abroad. South Korea is just one of the countries booming with plastic surgery procedures that promote effective and successful results at a cheaper cost. Let us discover what Korean cosmetic surgery procedures are causing the hype in Australia and if they are really worth the travel.


Korean cosmetic surgery procedures


Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Most Asian men and women are known to have single eyelids, and some of them opt to have cosmetic surgery to create a fold that makes their eyes look bigger. Since a lot of Australians migrated from China, Japan, and other Asian counties that have this same trait, this type of Korean cosmetic surgery is also gaining popularity.



Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

Increasing the height of the nose bridge and making it look more pronounced are the ideal results of a Korean rhinoplasty. Koreans regard their nasal profile as a very important part of their overall attractiveness, so they advertise this procedure more of a ‘need’ than a ‘want.’ Plastic surgeons in South Korea offer rhinoplasty procedures either done surgically or noninvasively.


Jaw and chin augmentation

Patients who want to achieve a ‘V-line’ that creates a slimmer and more contoured lower jaw turn to this surgical combination. Some Australians with Asian features wish to have parts of their prominent jaws shaved off and use dermal fillers on their chins to create a better-looking facial frame. Some patients even combine these two surgeries with rhinoplasty to balance out the beauty results.


Korean cosmetic surgery: The experts’ take

As South Korea continuously rise as one of the top countries that perform cosmetic surgery every year, the country’s popularity in offering beauty treatments through medical tourism also grows. Many patients who want to undergo these procedures do not take into account its surgical properties and just look at it as a natural beauty enhancement. In fact, they regard most Korean cosmetic surgery procedures as natural as just wearing makeup.


Here are some questions you need to answer before undergoing Korean cosmetic surgery, or any operation:


Do you know your doctor? Familiarising yourself with the profile, credentials, and portfolio of your surgeon is not enough. Get the peace of mind that you need by meeting him personally before the surgery so you can gain the confidence that your surgery will turn out well.


Why are you getting that cosmetic procedure? Whether to lessen your racial facial features or just wanting to look and feel good about yourself, knowing the reason behind your desire to have aesthetic improvement surgically should get you to start thinking twice about the procedure.


Do you know the potential risks and complications this procedure entails? Knowing this information can also change your mind if your sole reason is to improve your looks. Opening yourself to the possible hazards that surgical or nonsurgical cosmetic surgery may involve should not be overlooked.




Let us understand that cosmetic surgery, whether surgically or non-surgically performed, pose risks to our overall health. These procedures should not be taken lightly as major complications may arise during or after any surgery. The decision to undergo aesthetic procedures should then still be regarded as a major life decision and not like choosing the colour of your shirt.



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