When you look in the mirror, what are the first comments you think about your reflection? “Look at those wrinkles! Wait, how old are you again?!” or “Oh gosh, I look horrible!” or “With that face, today is not going to be my day.” If these are just some of the underwhelming thoughts and feelings you have about yourself, maybe it is time to make some changes. In this modern day and age, there is no physical flaw that cosmetic surgery can’t solve. Let us discover one of the gradually becoming popular facial enhancements, the cosmetic neck surgery.


Cosmetic neck surgery: What is it?

Lower rhytidectomy, the technical term for cosmetic neck surgery, involves the surgical removal of fats and skin around the neck to enhance its contour. It is initially a part of the well-known procedure, rhytidectomy, which is an overall facelift.


Cosmetic neck surgery: What does it do?cosmetic-neck-surgery-ace

Lower rhytidectomy addresses the physical flaws of a patient’s neck including the removal of excess fat that shows the appearance of jowls and double chins. It also removes excess and saggy skin to make it look relax and tight around the neck, creating a youthful appearance.

This procedure became a separate process from the general rhytidectomy or facelift because most patients who wanted to improve their neck area already feel satisfied with how their faces look. Focusing on improving the neck alone is what led to this surgical detachment as well as the improvement of this procedure as an isolated surgery.


Cosmetic neck surgery: How is it done?

The process of how the surgery happens depends on your needs.

If you want to address what they call a turkey wattle or turkey neck, that excess skin that wiggles under your chin, your surgeon may make incisions under your chin and behind your ears. These incisions expose your neck muscle called platysma, the muscle responsible for making your neck look aged. If this muscle is found to be stretched and lax, your plastic surgeon may need to remove it or at least parts of it at least to make it seem to flatter or relaxed and not bulging. Some patients opt for Botox injections instead of undergoing surgery.  Botox relaxes the neck muscles, causing the appearance of band muscles to disappear.

If you have excess fat around your neck that creates that bulging double chins, your surgeon can perform liposuction. This flattens out the neck and sculpts it to make your facial profile look thinner and more contoured.

If it is the excess skin around your neck that you are bothered about, the plastic surgeon can surgically remove some excess skin, lift the remaining skin and secure them with tissue glue or small sutures. This makes your neck look tighter and younger, free of wrinkles and uneven necklines.


Cosmetic neck surgery: How much is it?

If you are planning to have a neck lift, prepare a budget allowance that would range from $3000 to $14000. This price estimate typically covers the surgeon’s fees, anaesthesiologist’s charges, hospital cost, and the follow-up consultation cost you may need with your plastic surgeon.


Remember that any cosmetic surgery is just an option; it is not medically necessary to undergo a cosmetic procedure. The choice of how you can improve yourself and your outlook in life still depends on you. Cosmetic procedures, like cosmetic neck surgery, is just one of the options you can think about that can help you feel and look good about yourself.

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